Bisconfood International, Inc. is a newly established company primarily engaged in the manufacture and distribution of biscuits with the chief objective of serving the general consumers more high-grade, healthy biscuits at very competitive prices. It is fully equipped with new generation and state-of-the-art machineries to enable it to meet the quality consciousness and global competitiveness of the Philippine market.

As the industry trend for biscuits is headed toward a more sophisticated consumer, the alternatives for high-quality biscuits are also increasing. Bisconfood International, Inc. seeks to fulfill all the benefits that are important to its consumers by giving the freshest, tastiest, healthiest biscuits at a lower price point.

At this stage, Bisconfood International, Inc. has 6 brands to its name – Biscon Sandwich Crackers, Sandee Cookies, Sandee Sandwich Cookies, Circa Crackers, Circa Cracker Sandwich and Take Five. In the months ahead, the company will continue to provide the market with an extensive selection of biscuits and cookies in its serious bid to satisfy the discriminating Filipino consumers’ unquenchable passion for “snacking”.